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Meet Jerry Hatchett.

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One mission drives us: To find and explain the meaning of digital data.

No matter how complex this undertaking is for us, we want it to be simple for you. Simple for attorneys. For clients. For judges and juries. It’s what we do and we’re very good at it. Little data. Big data. In-between data. When you need to get down to the facts, you want to see Red. Contact us whenever you like for any question or need you have. Check us out on social networks, connect to us, friend us. We work hard at being good people and we invite you to get to know us. We want to know you!



We collect data.

Forensic imaging of workstations, servers, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones, external media, cloud data. Targeted but forensically sound collection of specific files, folders, emails, or any other data types you need, whether local or on the net.

We analyze data.

Whether you need the deepest level of forensic analysis available, or simpler types of processing, categorization, and interpretation, we just do it. We find and study the digital breadcrumbs left behind and put them back together in a simple and easy-to-understand slice of information you need.

We report and testify.

Clear, convincing, and unshakeable testimony, whether at depo or trial, begins with confidence in the underlying facts gleaned from analysis, confidence in the expert reports we've generated. We do the analysis necessary to generate that confidence, analysis based on an unyielding commitment to finding the most tedious relevant data and properly interpreting that data. Yes, that requires an unending appetite for information that keeps us abreast of the latest technology has to offer; we devour that information and we do it continually.

It also requires the ability to write reports that reduce the most complex, arcane, and tedious information imaginable down to clear content that is easy for laypeople to read and comprehend. We have that ability in spades, which is probably why our reports draw so much praise from clients, attorneys, and judges.

Finally, compelling testimony requires a cool head and the ability to engage judges and juries. We have you covered.

We present.

If you need a body of data converted to another format, or placed online for multi-party review, we can help. If you need a detailed forensic report that explains who did what and when they did it, our expert reports are second to none in accuracy and understandability. Whatever it takes, we’ll output data that explains what the data show and we’ll be sure it’s a friendly process.

We consult.

Up against a problem or need that you feel is over your head? Sound the Red alert and let us come to your rescue. We will focus on getting you to the best possible solution—for you.

In a fast-moving case with a court deadline days away, we were asked by the plaintiff to determine whether recently departed employees had transferred plaintiff’s intellectual property outside the company for use at defendants’ newly formed competing company. Through our use of innovative tools and workflows, we reconstructed a timeline of data events that answered the question with utter finality. (We have organically developed a particular expertise in the transfer of intellectual property by working this and countless similar cases.)


Worked with defendant in construction accident case in federal court. Examined defendant’s past data discovery processes and when necessary, realigned those processes to meet the mandates of the court. Worked hand in hand with nationally known Special Master, defense counsel, and plaintiff counsel. Conducted numerous operations that spanned the entire arena of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), from large collections, to filtration, searching, production, online review facilitation, and in-depth forensic analysis.


Served as court-appointed neutral forensic expert in Texas and Florida for more than two years in litigation involving Fortune 100 defense contractors. Issues in case included alleged infringement of intellectual property and misappropriation of trade secret issues dealing with contracts valued at over one billion dollars.  Services included data acquisition from numerous U.S. sites and detailed forensic analysis of dozens of computers containing highly sensitive defense-related data. Work performed in phased approach, with an extensive number of interim and final expert reports. Consulted throughout the engagement with a large number of different clients and outside counsel from all sides of the litigation.


Engaged to collect information in China from pharmaceutical manufacturer involved in landmark litigation with U.S. federal government. Issues in case included alleged antitrust violations, including allegations of attempted price-fixing in the market for a global staple product.  Services included collection of ESI and hard documents, followed by analysis and processing of the collected information.


Provided expert deposition and trial testimony in engagement serving as court-appointed neutral forensic expert in Texas court.  Issues in case included misappropriation of intellectual property and unfair trade practices.  Services included ESI collection and detailed forensic analysis of multiple computers, including meticulous examination regarding the alleged intentional destruction of evidentiary data. Engagement proceeded through multiple phases and included regular consultation with outside counsel representing three different parties for over a year.


Led team that collected, organized, and distributed to forensic accounting team and outside counsel, ESI involved in major stock-option backdating case of national notoriety. Issues in case focused on allegations that executives of a major insurance holding corporation manipulated the dates on which stock options were granted and exercised. Engaged by Audit Committee of the company’s Board of Directors. ESI included forensic imaging of numerous critical computers, along with collection and processing of hundreds of backup tapes containing system and e-mail store backups. Interviewed of key custodians and personnel. Designed, implemented, and managed multi-attorney ESI review. Supported ESI needs of forensic accounting team and counsel throughout the engagement.


Served as forensic video expert in litigation involving major manufacturer of household small appliances. Analyzed video footage of a forensic fire expert conducting interview of key witness, that interview having taken place in a reconstructed pre-fire environment. Identified and demonstrated in expert report that the video footage had been altered. Case settled shortly after report filed.


Analyzed video footage of casino cash-handling station to determine whether employee stole cash from bank deposit while that deposit was being prepared. Conducted significant enhancement operations of low-quality surveillance video and a detailed frame-by-frame analysis that resulted in exoneration of the employee and resulting confession by armored car driver. 


Conducted numerous forensic examinations of computers, and digital forensic examinations and processing of video and audio data in civil and criminal court matters.