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We collect data.

Forensic imaging of workstations, servers, laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, smartphones, external media, cloud data. Targeted but forensically sound collection of specific files, folders, emails, or any other data types you need, whether local or on the net.

We analyze data.

Whether you need the deepest level of forensic analysis available, or simpler types of processing, categorization, and interpretation, we just do it. We find and study the digital breadcrumbs left behind and put them back together in a simple and easy-to-understand slice of information you need.

We present.

If you need a body of data converted to another format, or placed online for multi-party review, we can help. If you need a detailed forensic report that explains who did what and when they did it, our expert reports are second to none in accuracy and understandability. Whatever it takes, we’ll output data that explains what the data show and we’ll be sure it’s a friendly process.

We consult.

Up against a problem or need that you feel is over your head? Sound the Red alert and let us come to your rescue. We will focus on getting you to the best possible solution—for you.